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Entry #2

Sakura Blowjob Sim Released!

2008-09-14 12:39:03 by CalamityGNDM

Hey there everyone. Just finished submitting the upgraded version of "Adult Only - Sakura Sex".

It can be viewed here:

Be sure to read my comments and enjoy!

Sakura Blowjob Sim Released!


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2008-09-14 15:06:41

dude, both your games are basically the same thing... its the same art, with like tiny diffs for words and story. Common if your going to do this put a little more effort


2009-04-04 20:29:04

the vampire 2 and 1 roks


2009-04-07 10:48:58

there shuld b vaginals and anals 2!


2011-04-23 04:46:47

sakura is so hot thank u for making my day